Swimming in curls


Waves, Curls, & Kinks

loving all Textures

An annual event where curls unite, eat, dance, and embrace all textures! From wavy to super coliy, it is celebrated and all curls unite! It is all about embracing and love yourself and others!

Plus, who doesn’t love giveaways, raffles, and swag bags :)

Swimming in Curls

Swimming in Curls not only follows the four themes below, but gives back to the community and individual. Each event will be dedicated and donations will be raised for each cause.

Swimming In Curls has four themes :


Latin Culture : Supporting Latinas and embracing the LatIna heritage. 

Entrepreneurship: Supporting small business, encouraging more woman to build their brand

Education: Stressing the importance of education for young Latina women

Natural Hair: Helping othesr embrace their natural hair, their true selves, and loving who they are and others !