About Swimmining in curls

Swimming in Curls


Its more than three words, it is a lifestyle.

We come across different “oceans”, stages, trials and tribulations, throughout life, whether it may be hair stages, work, school, and friendships, health and though it may not always be easy, it is all about embracing it all; the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. Swimming in Curls, is going through whatever ocean you may fall it, embracing the stage you are in, be a mermaid, go with the waves and flaunt!

Swimming In Curls has these four messages


  • Latina

    • Today, being an Afro - Latina we have to work harder. We have to hustle, thrive, and do everything possible to defeat the statistics. Swimming In Curls is about defying the odds, pushing through, and embracing Hispanic culture. Swimming in Curls is about supporting Latina Owned Business, platforms and loving one another.

  • Entrepreneurship

    • Being an entrepreneur can have its challenges. Being a WOMAN entrepreneur has its bigger challenges. I have so many dreams for Swimming In Curls, and none of them are small. Its about striving, encouraging, and helping woman become entrepreneurs. Helping one another build a business and teaching one another are two essentials we need to made a habit of

  • Education

    • Being educated in the many areas of life is essential! We can never stop learning. Swimming In Curls is about sending out a message of how important it is to educate women and never stop educating. We can never stop learning, whether it be from school or from each other. After obtaining my undergraduate degree and then going to Law School, it has helped me realize how much we need to educate each other and teach.

  • Natural hair

    • Our hair does not define us. We need to learn how to embrace our natural textures, draw away from physical western beauty standards and love ourselves. Only by loving one self, is where we can love each other. We do not need to straighten because we are told, because of society, or because our natural hair is considered unacceptable.

The world is your ocean, be a mermaid and swim in your curls.