MySoigne Flaxseed gel

Switching-up hairstyles Feat  Soigne Flaxseed Gel

Whether you are transitioning or on a different journey, flaxseed gel is a product you should have on your product shelf – the confessions of a product junkie . Here are a few reasons why:


Hair Growth

-      Flaxseed has one of the most concentrated sources of omega-3.Omega-3 is a fatty acid, and not only does it prevent hair loss and breakage but it actually helps promote hair growth. How ? They nourish the hair follicles and promote blood circulation.  Experiencing hair loss, dryness, and/or flakes  – get your Omega – 3 up!

Development of Natural Oils

-      Flaxseed help balance pH levels and natural oil production. Flaxseed soothe the scalp while heling the sebaceous glands  which gives us a right amount of oil for healthy hair growth.

 Conditions your hair 

-      Flaxseed helps contain the moisture to your hair shaft, which prevents breakage, split ends, and dryness, and reduces frizz ( and, we all know frizz can be a blessing and curse). Flaxseed will have your hair healthy and shiny ( like a diamond ?).

 If you are hooked on the benefits, you’re going to be hooked on a must have *drum roll please* The Flaxseed Gel by Soigne

 Soigne’s Flax Seed Gel 


The Soigne Flaxseed gel is not only pleasuring to your nose but that slip is a curly girl’s best friend and when I say, a little goes a long way – it does ! The smell isn’t overwhelming either. This product is going to last me a while and I’ll be probably be using this every wash day (especially because I want that hang time).  The ingredients are CG friendly as well and they all have a specific function:

Water, Flax Seed Gel (water and flax seeds)

-       Those wonderful flaxseeds mentioned above


-      gives us that moisturization

Aloe Vera gel

-      great conditioner, repairs skill cells on our scalp, helps promote hair growth, and leaves our hair smooth and shiny 

Vitamin E oil

-      helps keep our follicles healthy and all the while, promoting hair growth by promoting blood circulation, and moisturizing our hair

Vitamin B5 gel

-      helps with hair loss and shedding by nourishing our hair follicles 

Optiphen (preservative)

-      what she said ! – preserving and killing those germs that can make you sick – its ensuring the product is safe and germ free


-      of course, what makes the gel smell good

Just by reading the ingredients I was hooked. To test this product out, I decided to do some hairstyles to switch up from my usual wash and go.

The first hair style I did was the:


“The Pineapple with Bangs”

Step by Step 

o  First, I grabbed my handy dandy spray bottle filled with water and sprayed that on the back and the sides of my hair .

o  Second, I grabbed the Soigne Flax seed gel, grabbed a quarter size amount, rubbed the gel between my palms, and ran it through on back and the sides of my hair.

o  Third, I grabbed my brush and brushed forward.

o  Fourth, I grabbed my hair tie and put my hair in a loose pony tail – I don’t tie it twice – letting my curls fall forward.

The result was bomb and my hair smelled fresh !

 The second hair style was:


“A Pineapple with a Twist” 

See what I did there ? HA !


Step by Step 

o  First, I grabbed enough hair from both sides of my hair to make two twist on each side.

o  Second, I separated the one side in two sections, put one away so it wouldn’t get in the way, wet the section I was working on, grabbed dime size amount of the Flaxseed Gel, and ran that though my hair. 

o  Third, I started to twist my hair. I grabbed my hair pin and held it down. ( I repeated this step for each twist)

o  Fourth, after I finish my twists. I grabbed my bangs and clipped them away from the rest of my hair.

o  Fifth, I grabbed the rest of my hair and brushed the back all the way forward and made a ponytail on top of my hair, letting my curls fall. 

o  Sixth, I grabbed my bangs, wet them enough where they were damp, ran that good ol’ flaxseed and let them air dry.

o  Optional – you can add some hair jewelry just to mix it up!

This is by far my favorite. The flaxseed gave me just amount of hold for my twist and my bangs had so much definition. This gel has me hooked. I also used the gel to maintain those edges, I wouldn’t use it for my edges because my edges need a little more hold. 

My third hair style was:

“Front Bantu Knots”


         Step by Step

o  First, I sectioned off the front of my hair – side to side.

o  Second, I used my spray bottle and sprayed water throughout the front – used my deman brush and brushed those tangles away. 

o  Third, I grabbed a quarter sized of the flaxseed gel, raked it through my hair, and brushed it through with the deman brush (so the product is evenly distributed)

o  Fourth, I separated the front of my hair into five even sections

o  Fifth, with each section I twist it and start wrapping it around in a circle. I use a hair pin to secure the knot (I repeat this with every section).

o  Sixth, I wet the rest of my hair until its damp, once I aim down with all five bantu knots, and I apply another quarter size to rake through my hair. 

o  Seventh, to finish I scrunch with a micro fiber towel – to get that excess product off – and then I’m done !

The Soigne Flaxseed gel is by far in my top ten of my favorite gels. This gel has enough hold to get me the definition I want – I had a little cast but I just scrunched it away with lavender oil. This gel has multi-functions which I love. I love being able to have a go-to product every time I need it and I know it will work. Though, it didn’t work for my edges, it worked for every other style. 

I, also, tried this product on my boyfriend. His curls rarely have any definition but when I took a dime size amount, raked it through his hair, and his little curls flourished. He loved it and, of course, went on a rant of how I should gift him the product.  

         Another thing to love about this product ? Jackie, the owner of My Soigne Curly Hair Care. My first impression as soon as the product came in the mail was how she puts so much thought in each package; in a way, building a relationship with her consumers.  Just by that, you’ll know that this product comes from the heart and she’s giving a piece to us all. She cares about her curly friends and their hair. If you haven’t tried this product, what are you waiting for ?


Ashley Michelle Cuadrado